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Fast Complementary Dynamics

This is the documentation page for the source code for Fast Complementary Dynamics via Skinning Eigenmodes.

This documentation and codebase are still a work in progress, please report any bugs or features to the github issues page.


Create a fresh conda environment with python >= 3.8

conda create -n fast_cody python=3.8
conda activate fast_cody
pip install fast-cody

Demo Applications

We provide a few out of the box demos.

Interactive Face Tracking

Using mediapipe, you can control a digital avatar with your face, while observing secondary effect!

import fast_cody as fcd

Interactive Face Tracking

Interactive Affine Handle

Move a single character by manipulating an affine handle

import fast_cody as fcd

Interactive Face Tracking

Augmenting Rig Animation

Display a rig animation augmented with secondary effects!

import fast_cody as fcd

Interactive Face Tracking